Metareview: Fighter Within

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Metareview: Fighter Within
Ubisoft evaluating Kinect online multiplayer for Xbox One's The Fighter Within
There are games so bad that even trying to review them is a paradox. We simply couldn't do it with Ubisoft's Xbox One Kinect game Fighter Within. At least Aliens: Colonial Marines was sport. Fighter Within is... well, is it possible for a publisher to put out product just for the trolololol?
  • Games Radar (40/100): "Boring fighters, advanced attacks that are horribly imprecise to pull off, and a paper-thin solo campaign add up to a disappointing slog that feels like a punishment"
  • IGN (27/100): "And that's when Fighter Within is working properly. The second it tries to do anything more elaborate, like throws or finishing moves, it trips over its own shoelaces and falls flat on its face."
  • Edge (20/100): "Here is a game that, through its abject brokenness, sets the Kinect cause back considerably, a knockout blow for this style of game before the next-generation of camera-controlled play has even started."
  • Game Informer (10/100): "Fighter Within is garbage. It fails to operate on any level, and the content isn't deep enough to be fun even if everything worked."
  • Eurogamer (10/100): "Ubisoft should be ashamed of itself for trying to peddle more of this nonsense. And Microsoft needs its giant cyborg head examined for thinking this is a great way to show off the capabilities of its new hardware. "
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