Sprint to launch Galaxy S 4 variant with speedy Spark LTE

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Sprint already has a few devices that support its extra-fast Spark data service, but one of its hottest smartphones -- Samsung's Galaxy S 4 -- has been "stuck" with ordinary LTE. That won't be a problem for much longer, as the carrier has revealed a Spark-capable version of the Android flagship. The upgrade won't do much more than introduce support for the tri-band wireless technology, but we doubt that owners will complain when they're downloading at a brisk 50-60Mbps. They may balk at the price, though. While the regular GS4 currently sells for $100 on contract, Sprint will offer a 16GB Spark edition for $200 when it ships in the next few weeks -- you'll have to really, really want that extra bandwidth (and live in a Spark area) to justify the premium.

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