Cliff Bleszinski wants to do an arena shooter on PC

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Cliff Bleszinski wants to do an arena shooter on PC
"I have a slide deck, I have a pitch, I have concept art, I know pretty much what I want to do."

Cliff Bleszinski has his next project in mind: a first-person shooter for PC that pays homage to classic arena shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake. Bleszinski revealed the news on former Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira's podcast, Pointless.

"It will be a PC experience that will harken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on, if you know what I'm saying." Bleszinski went on to say that "a lot of these kids playing Call of Duty, I don't think they know what a proper arena shooter is" and that he wouldn't "work with the old guard" on this potential new project.

"I'll talk to them, have meetings, but the last thing I need is some mid-level marketing guy telling me that, 'Well, traditionally, this doesn't sell well, so we're concerned,' and all that because they're all rearward-looking and it just drives me fucking batshit." In order to fully realize this vision, Bleszinski added, he'd need to have the support of a full studio.

Bleszinski, who created the Jazz Jackrabbit and Gears of War series, left Epic Games a little over a year ago. Bleszinski, who was looking for a fresh start, left in order to "redefine" his footprint on video games. In an interview on X-Play last year, Bleszinski said, "I don't really want just the whole chainsaw gun to be my legacy."
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