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ArenaNet bans Guild Wars 2 exploiters in nefarious snowflake incident, discusses upcoming updates

Guild Wars 2's Wintersday is drawing to a close, but drama stays with us in every season. Late last night, ArenaNet started leaving presents on the accounts of certain players: permanent bans! These bans were in response to a certain exploit that cropped up early in the Wintersday event. Players were able to use a single high-level snowflake, a Black Lion salvage kit, and a bit of metal to generate effectively limitless globs of ectoplasm (which are kind of a cornerstone of the economy, as they're used in the majority of high-end items). The exploit was closed, but not before an apparently large number of people took advantage of it.

Players might recall that not long after launch, there was a mass banning in response to a karma exploit. ArenaNet relented, with certain conditions, but warned players that the incident was kind of a community-wide final warning.

In happier news, Game Director Colin Johanson took to the forums a short while ago to talk about upcoming updates. He stated that the January release will be "relatively small" and set the scene for the February and March releases. Additionally, he mentioned that no new races, professions, or regions will be added with the larger releases but that "an expansion's worth of content" was a reference to the number of new features in PvE, WvW, and PvP that will be appearing.

[Thanks to intrepid tipsters Joseph and Adam!]

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