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Dead Rising 3 spotted on Blur animation studio resume


Dead Rising 3 makes an appearance on the LinkedIn resume of a rigging supervisor at Blur animation studio, spotted by All Games Beta. Specifically, the rigging supervisor lists work on a game cinematic for Dead Rising 3, as demonstrated in the above screencap.

Near the end of 2011, we heard a rumor that Dead Rising 3 was a thing, and that it would star an auto mechanic named Rick in Los Perdidos, California. It would feature illegal, infected citizens, a bomb set to destroy the town and a defunct plane as Rick's only hope of survival. As other zombie stories about a dude named Rick have become insanely popular over the past year, we wouldn't be surprised if this character's name were changed, considering any of this information holds up.

We also won't be surprised when that lead character is replaced by Frank West in the inevitable re-imagining of Dead Rising 3.

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