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HTC made just $34 million last quarter, its lowest profit since 2004

Sharif Sakr

Think back to the days of Windows Mobile, to when PDAs were a thing, to when HTC barely had enough clout to put its name on its own hardware. That was the last time the Taiwanese manufacturer reported a profit as measly as today's. Despite Peter Chou's recent bout of hopefulness, the Taiwanese manufacturer says it took home just NT$1 billion ($34 million) in net income in Q4 of 2012 -- which is less than a tenth of what it made in the same quarter of 2011. Revenue was at least in line with HTC's pessimistic forecast of NT$60 billion, which equates to a 41 percent drop year-over-year, so the stock market won't find any of this particularly shocking -- even though history says it is.

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