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Nvidia Grid server pumps power into cloud gaming, six partners already lined up


Nvidia unveiled "Grid" at this year's CES, a powerful server built for cloud computing across PCs, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. As Engadget reports, Grid is catching the attention of cloud gaming companies, with Agawi, Cyber Cloud, G-cluster, Playcast, and Ubitus already signed up to use the technology.

According to Nvidia, a single Grid server can enable up to 24 HD quality game streams. At CES Nvidia showcased the Grid gaming system, which incorporates 20 Grid servers into a single rack. Nvidia says the rack is capable of producing 36 times the amount of HD-quality game streams as 'first-generation cloud gaming systems.'

As our friends at Engadget note, that gaming rack of 20 Grid servers pumps out around 200 teraflops worth of operations, which equates to what around 700 Xbox 360s can do. That's a whole lot of Master Chiefs running themselves to death on hamster wheels.

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