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Technicolor's Qeo software aims to let connected devices speak the same lingo


The idea of the "internet of things" is fine and well, but when was the last time your smartphone had a chat with the fridge? Technicolor is aiming to solve those communication breakdowns with Qeo, a software system to bridge connected devices of all types and brands. While you may be thinking, "Technicolor? That company at the end of the movie credits?" it turns out that the post-production outfit also does items like set-top boxes and DSLR routers through its acquisition of Thomson. Qeo will allow those types of devices, along with smartphones, computers, tablets and even "dumb" systems like intercoms or appliances to all communicate, regardless of the OS or protocol used by each. That'll create scenarios where your doorbell can notify your smartphone that someone's waiting to be let in, or allow you to switch a video call from your Android tablet to a Qeo-enabled TV screen, according to Technicolor -- providing the right manufacturers, software developers or network operators are using the protocol, of course. Fortunately, the company claims that it's already signed up a bevy of companies in all those categories, meaning a device-agnostic connected home may be soon within your grasp. You can check the PR after the jump for now, but we'll have even more details soon in glorious, er, Technicolor, so stay tuned.

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Technicolor unveils Qeo, a revolutionary software bridging ecosystems to interconnect devices and applications of all brands

Consumer device manufacturers, developers and service providers can now use a common "language" to offer a truly interoperable Connected Life

Paris (France), Las Vegas (NV), January 7, 2013 - Technicolor (Euronext Paris: TCH), a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, today announced the release of Qeo, a software framework that allows for seamless interoperability between devices and applications of all brands and ecosystems.

Today, users want to enjoy their favorite applications and services on all devices, but the proliferation of disparate ecosystems creates a complex and fragmented experience. Qeo software modules address this problem by making devices, applications and over-the-top cloud solutions speak to one another to deliver simpler and richer smart home, entertainment, communication and personal media services. The result is a truly Connected Life - a simple, user-friendly experience that allows consumers to effectively manage and utilize the full potential of their devices and services.

Michel Rahier, President of Technicolor's Connected Home Division, said: "During the lastyears, we've built a solid understanding of the issues created by heterogeneous and closed ecosystems that fragment the user experience. This is why we have developed Qeo: a technology that enables devices to speak the same language, be interconnected with each other, and create totally new use cases for the Connected Life and the „Internet of things‟. We are excited to have received strong support from major operators and industry leaders for this initiative that we commit to keep pushing forward as the new standard for Connected Life".

Qeo benefits both end users and developers, while answering consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers' needs:

For end users:
Want to remotely manage heterogeneous alarm, automation, and video surveillance systems via one comprehensive interface? Need your doorbell to send a notification to your TV or mobile screen when someone is at the door? Want to switch a video call a friend started on your main TV to your tablet? Qeo makes such use cases easy to develop and deploy, and enables the potential of many more of these innovative digital life scenarios.

For developers:
With Qeo, creating cross-devices and cross-OS applications has never been so easy and straightforward. Developers can build distributed applications without having to care about the diversity of languages, OS, or environments. It's all about giving free rein to developers' imaginations.

For services providers:
Qeo comes with tools to monitor and manage all Qeo-enabled devices, keeping operational costs under control. It provides views, from global home networks down to individual customers, devices or applications, enabling all sorts of personalization.

For consumer electronics manufacturers:
Qeo allows more than just content sharing. With Qeo, devices can exchange usage data, information, status... in a simple way to provide better and seamless usage scenarios for their users. Devices are also immediately recognized within the home network and configured with easy set up.

Qeo capabilities will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show on Technicolor's booth (Central Hall, booth #8531).
More information at www.i-speak-q

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