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Cage: Using a new engine for Beyond is crazy but 'we want to take risks'


Quantic Dreams boss David Cage admitted going with a newly developed engine for Beyond: Two Souls is "absurd," but defended the decision as one of passion and risk-taking. Speaking to Shacknews, Cage said that not re-using the engine Quantic toiled over for Heavy Rain was "absurd," but it's clear 'coulda' excites him much more than 'shoulda.'

"We're just crazy people," Cage said. "We don't do this for money or fame. We want to take risks because we enjoy trying to push the envelope. Does it make sense from a company point of view? Not really, to be honest. Being the CEO of the company, I can tell you that it's totally absurd. But we enjoy it so much. We're a team of passionate people. This is 'what we should have done,' but we've done something else."

Cage spoke to the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in our Hit List feature last month, noting Apocalypse Now and the works of Kubrick as the two greatest filmic influences on his creative process. Whether or not the creative channels he's chosen are Paths of Glory for Beyond remains to be seen.

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