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Diamond Multimedia intros AMP2000 Android set-top box, availability coming later this year


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It's been quite a few months since Diamond Multimedia announced it's AMP1000 set-top box, so the company likely figured there was no better better time and place than CES 2013 to release its latest Android-based media offering. With the AMP2000, the multifarious company joins the likes of Hisense and FAVI in the powered-by-Google streaming race -- in which it'll give potential users the ability to wirelessly view files on any HDMI-ready TV set, as well as offering support for applications like Hulu Plus and Netflix. Diamond Multimedia notes the AMP2000 comes "with Google TV," though it doesn't go into much more detail, and thus it's quite unclear whether this means you get the actual Google TV experience -- you know, the one found on devices such as that Vizio Co-Star -- or if it's something a bit more like Always Innovating's HDMI Android dongle. Speaking of the lack of details, mum's the word on how much the AMP2000 will run you when it ships "sometime in March or April," but we can only imagine it to be around the same price as other similar offerings.

Diamond Multimedia intros AMP2000 Android settop box, availability coming later this year

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