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Kickstarter game projects earn $83 million in 2012


Most recall Double Fine's conquest of Kickstarter in 2012. It's the drive that initiated "The Year of the Game," a year where some of the biggest and most successful Kickstarter campaigns were attached to video game projects. In a 2012 retrospective post, Kickstarter reveals a total of $83 million was earned for video games through successful Kickstarter drives, the most out of any category on the crowd-funding website.

A total of 2,796 video game projects asked for funding on Kickstarter in 2012; 911 projects successfully reached goal thanks to 561,574 backers. Compared to the stats found in other categories last year (we're looking at you, Dance!), it's difficult to argue against 2012 truly being "The Year of the Game" on Kickstarter.

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