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World of Warcraft releases a new member of the sparklepony family

Eliot Lefebvre

The Internet exploded with rage when World of Warcraft released a mount for $25 the first time around. But it sold well, and as a result we've seen several new mounts released for the game over the years. So the new Swift Windsteed likely won't raise many eyebrows over its release or its now-familiar price point, which is the same $25 you have probably come to expect.

As with previous special mounts, the Swift Windsteed can operate as a flying mount and will scale to match your highest riding speed, making it a purely cosmetic option. The unlock is account-wide once purchased, giving all present and future characters a free mount for all-purpose use in perpetuity. So if you collect mounts or just feel like you could use a qilin to carry you across the skies of Azeroth, you've got reason to be excited.

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