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Rapoo TV claims to make 'any HDTV smart,' is compatible with iOS and Android


Less than 24 hours after announcing the H9080 wireless headphones, Rapoo's let it be known that its CES 2013 repertoire also includes a little something for the living room (or bedroom, depending on where you prefer to enjoy your downtime). With its Rapoo TV, the company's touting the ability to turn any HDTV into one with intelligent features -- essentially, though, it is a wireless receiver that allows iOS and Android devices to connect to it, allowing them to mirror mostly any content on the bigger screen. Of course, there might be some better options for iOS users (and Android soon, we imagine) in the market already, but the company's still hoping some folks may have room for yet another set-top-like unit in their home. The company says the Rapoo TV will be available sometime in Q1 of this year, however there's no word on pricing just yet.

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