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Super Joystiq Podcast 034 Live: Walking Dead Survival Instinct, Hawken, Anarchy Reigns [It's over!]


Update: We're done recording the live show, but you can watch the segment in the video above. Make sure to listen to the entire episode, along with new segments, tomorrow!

Just because last year's best games are tallied and totaled doesn't mean we're now completely out of things to play. This week the Super Joystiq Podcast is live once again, but this time we're talking about what we're playing right now. Who knows – maybe something we start playing today will end up on our Best of the Rest lists next year. Maybe.

We'll record the entire segment and it will be available as a standard YouTube video shortly after we finish, and the audio will become a regular podcast for those who are sick of seeing our faces already. If you want to watch live and give us some feedback, leave your comments right here rather than on the YouTube page. We don't like to travel too far from home base.

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