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Blackberry users suffer fresh server chills across UK, Europe, Africa (update: it's a Vodafone problem)

Sharif Sakr

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It's 2013 and RIM's BlackBerry servers seem to be as grumpy as ever -- and totally oblivious to the need for happy headlines in the run up to January 30th. We're hearing from multiple readers that BB servers are down in the UK, while Vodafone has confirmed that its customers are having problems, with the biggest casualty being push email. Meanwhile, BlackBerry UK's Twitter feed says the outage is the result of "Vodafone service issues" and is affecting "some customers" across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We'll update if we hear more.

Update: An early statement from Vodafone gave no hint that it was responsible for the outage, and merely said it was "working closely" with RIM to fix it. However, this does now look like a Vodafone problem. The company's African offshoot, Vodacom, has seen fit to apologize on Twitter and has said services in that continent are now being restored, though a backlog of data could cause delays.

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