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POLL: Which Apple device would you give up if you had to?

A buddy of mine who I've been trying to lure to Apple for five years is finally getting ready to make the switch. We were talking, and he asked me which "iDevice" should be his first: a MacBook Air*, an iPhone or an iPad. I tried to look at it from his perspective, i.e.: which device would be best for his needs? I ended up suggesting the iPhone 5 since he could always have it on him. For web browsing and apps it's almost as good as an iPad yet can also make calls, and he doesn't use a computer at work.

We'll actually see if he ends up following my advice, but it got me thinking: what Apple device would I give up if I had to? My MacBook, my iPad or my iPhone? Like many, I love them all, but if one had to go, which would it be?

My iPhone 5 is my most-used device. I use it to navigate, check email, tweet, browse the web and more. My MacBook Pro is essential to my work. No matter how much I try, I can't write an article longer than 600-700 words on a touchscreen. In the end, I'd ditch my iPad if I had to. It's a great leisure device. For some, it's a great creative device. But it doesn't offer me anything that my iPhone 5 or MacBook Pro doesn't.

What about you? Take the poll below and feel free to expand on your choice in the comments.

*Also in the comments feel free to explain to my friend why a MacBook Air is not a "netbook." He won't listen to me on that one.


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