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Exclusive: Granado Espada expansion to feature drunken pistoleer recruit

Jef Reahard

Earlier this month we reported on the impending relaunch of Granado Espada, and today we've got some new screenshots and a bit of info relating to the title's new Bristia expansion.

When the content patch drops next month it will feature new missions, quests, items, and zones, including the port city of Kielce which is featured in the gallery below. Also on tap are new recruited characters, which are a large part of what sets Granado Espada (formerly known as Sword 2) apart from other MMOs. The game's multi-character mechanics allow you to control three avatars simultaneously, either by creating them all at the start of the game or hiring new recruits as you play.

Bristia will also include a drunken barber recruit known as Barrol who uses dual pistols. Publisher Redbana says that "as his drinking increases, so do his attacks, critical hit chance, and movement speed."

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