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Hunters series (and more) on sale this weekend


Here's just a quick note that the very popular iOS strategy series, Hunters, is on sale this weekend only. Hunters: Episode 1 is completely free, and the sequel, Hunters 2, is available for only US$0.99. I've got a big plane ride coming up on Saturday, and I think this turn-based strategy series might be the perfect thing to pass the time.

Elsewhere on the App Store, Angry Birds Rio is also free at the moment, so you can grab that one if you haven't yet as well. In-place action shooter Starbase Gunship has also gone free for a limited time, and the very colorful and fun match-3 game Letz: The Story of Zed is on sale for 99 cents. So there's plenty for you to pick up and play this weekend if you need a new iOS obsession (if, that is, you've been able to put down Temple Run 2 already).

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