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AMD hires chip experts from Qualcomm and Apple, aims to move beyond the PC


Even more transfer news from chipmakers, although this one isn't quite as litigious. AMD has hired two senior engineers with experience at both Qualcomm and Apple. The hires have been confirmed by AMD, which added that the new recruits would help the chipmaker expand into new markets -- though the spokesperson didn't specify what these markets would be. Charles Matar, with expertise in low-power and embedded chip design will join from Qualcomm as AMD's new vice president of SoC Development, while Wayne Meretsky, formerly of Apple, was named vice president of software IP development. AMD still derives around 80 percent of its revenue from PCs, a market that continues to slow as smartphones and tablets continue to flourish. Both will likely be involved in the development of whatever AMD's planning for after Temash.

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