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Audojo iPad gaming case gets the hands-on treatment

Our sister site Engadget recently went hands-on with the Audojo gaming case for iPad, which saw its Kickstarter funding campaign launched today. Designed for all generations of the 9.7-inch iPad, the case locks onto the tablet and turns it into one large game controller. It has two analog joysticks -- one on either side of the screen -- and two shoulder buttons behind the upper-right- and left-hand sides of the tablet, a combination of controls that makes it ideally suited for first-person shooters.

The Audojo connects to the iPad via its headphone jack, offering a passthrough for it and a cutaway for the 30-pin or Lightning connector. The accessory is powered by batteries and features its own built-in stereo speakers.

Despite its bulky looks, Engadget says it found the Audojo to be surprisingly comfortable to use. Evidently the final product wil actually be thinner and lighter than what they used. The Audojo is currently supported by two existing iOS games (1948: Dawn of Future and Cowboy Guns) and Unity developers can easily add support for their titles.

The Audojo gaming case is seeking Kickstarter backing to the tune of US$240,000 with amounts of $55 or more securing one of the first 200 units produced. The accessory is on track to launch in July for a retail price of $99.

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