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    Daily iPhone App: Wave Trip flies through a musical world


    Wave Trip is the newest title from developer Lucky Frame, probably best known for the underrated rhythm-meets-tower defense game Bad Hotel. In the same way that Bad Hotel is a tower defense game, Wave Trip is sort of a Jetpack Joyride-style platformer, in that you're navigating around the screen trying to collect coins of a sort.

    You can hold down a finger on the right side of the screen to move a little ship up or down, and then holding down a finger on the left side gives you a temporary shield, which you can use to knock away obstacles as you go. Hitting obstacles or collecting coins makes a musical noise when you do it, and that's how each level's "song" is constructed, with you earning multiplied points for interacting the right way with each type of object.

    Unfortunately, while Wave Trip's songs are plenty rhythmic and interesting, I personally didn't think they were all that great or catchy. Plus, the game can be very hard, especially if you're trying to nail down a really high score (the game tells you the global best at the beginning of each level, which is usually a tough bar to try and top). Still, as a sort of experimental music platformer, Wave Trip is a wild little ride, and the ability to both create your own levels and play others' means there's no shortage of content. The game's available as a universal app now for $1.99.

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