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Skulls of the Shogun cuts down Windows pricing at launch


Skulls of the Shogun will launch at a special introductory price on January 30. Both the Windows 8 and Windows Surface versions will launch at a reduced $10 (normally $15), while the Windows Phone version will be available for $5, down from its normal $7.

The timing on the promotional launch place is vague at the moment - the press release past the break says the discounts will last for a "limited time." A day in dog years? Less than 12 parsecs? The length of the Japanese feudal period, roughly seven centuries?

(Don't worry, we'll let you know when it's over.)

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The Windows 8, Windows Surface, and Windows Phone versions of Skulls of the Shogun to launch at a discounted price

SEATTLE, WA (January 23, 2012) – Indie developer 17-BIT today announced that when Skulls of the Shogun is released worldwide on January 30th, 2013, it will be discounted for a limited time on Windows 8 PC, Microsoft Surface, and Windows Phone. The Windows 8 and Windows Surface version will launch at $9.99 (normally $14.99) in the Microsoft Store, and the Windows Phone version will launch at $4.99 (normally $6.99) in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

"We've heard from the community that they want to get Skulls of the Shogun not only on their Xbox 360, but on all of their Microsoft devices," said 17-BIT Founder and CEO, Jake Kazdal. "By discounting the Windows 8, Windows Surface, and Windows Phone versions of Skulls, we hope everyone can dive into the Skulls Anywhere asynchronous single-player and multiplayer gameplay."


Skulls of the Shogun is an invigorating cocktail of 1960's-flavored sorcery and strategy. Washed up on the shores of the Afterlife, players meet and join forces with vibrant ghost-samurai warriors, magical animal-monks, and mustachioed samurai generals on the way to capture the Skulls of the Shogun in a 15-hour single-player campaign. Skulls of the Shogun also features up to four-player local and online multiplayer battles.

Also, for the first time ever, players will be able to challenge their friends, fight their way through online multiplayer battles, and even take their single-player campaign on the road asynchronously - whether they're playing on Xbox 360, Windows 8, Surface, or Windows Phone. Called Skulls Anywhere, this cross-platform gameplay has never been done before on Microsoft platforms and will be available at launch on all four launch platforms!

Skulls of the Shogun will be localized in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.

17-BIT is a Seattle-based boutique independent video game developer specializing in revitalizing classic genres with cutting-edge gaming experiences. Founded in 2009 by game industry veteran Jake Kazdal, 17-BIT aims to deliver iconoclastic games that challenge the expectations of 2D gaming. With bold, eye-catching art and broad audience appeal, 17-BIT creates fresh game experiences that hearken back to the 16-bit era of consoles, but with the power and high definition of modern hardware.

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