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The Queue: Forget that deer, let's talk okapis

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) has actually fed a giraffe before.

Deer are cute and all, but the okapi is by far the cooler baby animal. It's related to a giraffe, has zebra stripes, and a tongue long enough that it can lick its own ears. Sadly, there aren't a heck of a lot of okapi left in the world -- last estimate had them at 10,000-20,000. I think there are more people than that playing on my server. Poor okapi.

MCerberus asked:

Where is the cliff Sylvanas and all the very urgent-sounding Forsaken plot lines fell off of? I'm getting worried.

Sylvanas is laying low, for now. She's not a fan of Garrosh, and when we last left off with her in Silverpine, she'd just been resurrected by her val'kyr. Given the current tensions in the Horde, it's likely she's just biding her time before she can put an arrow between Garrosh's eyes.

DylanBrowne asked:

With MoP adding the pet/mount system whereby any toon on any server can share all your mounts from your account, how likely is it that a similar system will be implemented for BoA items ? Is there such a difference in data files between the pets/mounts and BoA items that this cant be done, or is it just one of those things Blizz would like to do but its back down the list.....

You're talking about two different things, here. Pets and mounts aren't too difficult to make account-wide because they're considered spells that you cast -- it's a spell effect on your character. Items are ... well, items, physical things that you can equip with your character. It would be really cool if they could make heirlooms and other BoA items account-wide, but there's not really a logical way to do it, at this point in time.

SunfireArcher asked:

Q4tq: Why do people complain x feature is mandatory as soon as rep is tied to it? There are several ways to earn rep for any of the new factions. Don't like one? Don't do it. Nothing is mandatory. People need to get over this idea as it's doing nothing other than causing them stress!

I'm not really sure why it bothers people. You really don't need the reputation gear to get ahead in the game -- there are alternatives. Raid guilds were jumping into Mogu'shan Vaults right after the expansion launched, and they certainly weren't decked out in valor gear when they started. I think it's just that there is neat gear there, but it's locked behind something that some people don't really care to do.

Is it mandatory to do daily quests? Heck no, you can skip them if you want. Will it make it harder to cap your valor every week? Yes, but you can just run more heroics and scenarios for that, if you like. You don't need the reputation if you don't really care to grind it out, either -- you can get gear elsewhere. In fact, the only really unique thing the dailies offer right now is Lesser Charms, which you can turn in for Elder Charms to use for raids. But again, you don't really need the Elder Charms, either. It's just an extra loot roll on a boss, and you get gold more often than not, anyway.

@justonwall asked via Twitter:

I hate dailies. But like lore. For some reason though, I feel guilty for not doing the Dominance Offensive. Am I missing out?

You are totally missing out. The dailies for the Dominance Offensive are a heck of a lot more streamlined than the dailies from launch. Once you hit friendly reputation, as long as you're completing all the dailies available each day, you'll get a chunk of story every other day. And when you hit revered, you can buy a commendation to double your rep, so you'll be getting story every day.

You can use the tokens that drop from enemy mobs to purchase portals to pretty much any section of the Dominance Offensive areas in Krasarang, while you're at it. Travel time is mostly nonexistent, the daily quests are by and large really easy to complete, and you get story tied in with it all. It's a really good story. I'd really recommend giving the Dominance Offensive stuff a try.

@sergel92 asked via Twitter:

What makes a good and fun raid?

Honestly, that kind of depends on what player you happen to be asking. For me, I like fights that are a challenge to figure out. I really like fights where different players in the raid have to be doing different things at the same time -- I liked Will of the Emperor for that reason. It seems like mass chaos at first, but once everyone figures out their part and starts performing it correctly, the whole fight begins to move like clockwork.

I also like raids that have some sort of story significance. I really loved Karazhan because it was Medivh's old home, so there was a lot of lore significance there. I wasn't really so jazzed about the Ruby Sanctum raid, just because it didn't really have a giant chunk of lore behind it. Ulduar had tons of story, the Trial of the Crusader ... not so much.

I'm sure other people have different ideas of what makes a good raid, though, and I bet they'll fill the comments with it!

@videobobbo asked via Twitter:

Do you think we'll see any more lore with the Sha before the end of MoP? 5.2 seems to have taken the focus off of them.

Oh I sincerely doubt we've seen the last of the Sha, but we seem to have done a pretty good job of mopping them up in the first tier of raids. There are parts of the Dominance Offensive storyline that suggest we are far from done with the sha, however -- they just aren't the driving force now. They're more like ... a really evil tool or instrument to be used, at this point. We'll see where it goes as the expansion goes on.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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