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Ghostcrawler and Dave Kosak switch jobs for an evening on Twitter

Anne Stickney
When the Ghostcrawler is away, apparently the Kosak will play -- or at least, take over Ghostcrawler's job for a few days. Those following Dave "Fargo" Kosak or Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street on Twitter may have caught a flurry of tweets from the two. It all began with an innocent enough notification from everyone's favorite crustacean, letting followers on Twitter know that he would be fairly quiet over the next few days. Dave Kosak decided to respond and note that he would be taking over class tweets in the interim. Chaos, of course, ensued.

Needless to say, Ghostcrawler decided to retaliate and take over Kosak's job as Lead Quest Designer, with suitably terrific proposed changes to lore.

If you haven't been following either of these gentlemen on Twitter, this should be more than enough evidence as to why you should do so. Although the question of whether or not any of the other devs will be switching places over the weekend is still up in the air, for now, it looks like Kosak may have won the Twitter war:

Well, so much for that item on everyone's wishlist. Check out Ghostcrawler and Dave Kosak's Twitter accounts for more incredibly silly feuding.

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