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DICE aims to bring Frostbite engine to Mac


EA developer DICE is looking to bring its Frostbite engine to the Mac, according to a job listing on the studio's website. DICE is seeking a Mac OS X engineer to work with "a team focusing on bringing Frostbite to Mac." The engineer will also "work closely with game team customers and the Frostbite team to deliver an engine as great on OS X as it is on Windows and traditional console platforms."

Presumably, the listing refers to Frostbite 2, which would enable Electronic Arts to bring a large back catalog of games to Apple's platform, including Battlefield 3, the most recent Medal of Honor games and Need for Speed: The Run. More importantly, it would allow EA to publish future Frostbite games on Mac, including Dragon Age 3, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel and the next Mass Effect.

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