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Patch 5.2 PTR: Additional Wrathion quest sound files


Spoiler Alert: Adriacraft has been back with more of their datamined audio files, and wow, these ones have some spoilers in them. If you don't want to have spoilers about Wrathion's questline, or anything else for that matter, definitely don't watch the video, or hit the break to read any more of this post.

Final Warning: Spoilers after the break. Really big spoilers. Do not hit the link below if you don't want to know.

We warned you there were spoilers. This set of sound files not only contains some additional information about the Wrathion quest chain, getting assistance from the Shado-Pan defending a foundry to empower metal with electrical charges, and destabilize the Sha. Unfortunately, the sha grows in strength. The overcharged Anvils are working aginst the sha, and a lance is made to be hurled at the sha. We began wondering if Brann Bronzebeard was around somewhere.

But that's where the first bit of interesting non-Wrathion-related information appears. According to a runestone the Mogu were titan constructs, soul-less creatures built of stone. The curse of flesh made the Mogu mortal, but later, they found a way to reverse the progress. The Mogu served a Titan keeper, his name was Ra. In the Mogu tongue, Ra-den means master Ra. The Mogu and their master were sent to Pandaria, pursuing a great darkness ...

Here, a mention of an old god, Y'shaarj -- a beast with seven heads that breathes darkness. The source of the sha?

Another runestone speaks of a cradle of life, a place where the Titans could create new creatures. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms was a living laboratory like Un'goro Crater or Sholazar Basin. The Mogu were created and sent to guard the Vale for their Titan masters. But from what? The Old Gods?

Another fragment speaks of the winged legions of Y'shaarj ... servants of an old god? -- the mantid?

A more recent runestone speaks of the sleeping keeper, perhaps Ra-den but ... why was he asleep? Frustrated after 1000 years with no orders from their master, the bodies of the mogu had turned to flesh. They fell apart into warrior clans, but one king, was more ambitious than the others. Lei Shen, the Thunder King. When the Titan keeper fell silent, Lei Shen decided to speak for him. The Thunder King took on the power of Ra-den, the very essence of a Titan. He united the Mogu into an empire and tried to continue the titans work. Of course he saw himself as a god!

What do you make of all this?

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