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Caturday: Actually, today is Macworld Monkeyday

It's Caturday, but we're also at Macworld/iWorld 2013, and it was the perfect chance to spotlight a special guest who made an appearance DreamWalk Interactive booth on the show floor: a capuchin monkey.

DreamWalk, the developers of Jam for iPhone, use a cartoon monkey as an avatar. They admit that show organizers told them they couldn't have the real flesh-and-fur monkey on the floor, but they decided to brave the wrath of IDG and show off their friend anyhow. We'll see how long this visit lasts.

Check out the video below, and we'll be back to our normal parade of felines next week. The cats will seem not to care that we left them alone for a week, but no doubt we'll find our iPhone sync cable shredded on the bathroom floor soon.

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