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The Daily Grind: What hairstyle do you prefer?


Picking a hairstyle in an MMO seems simultaneously an intimate and futile choice. Futile in the sense of the second you wear a hat or helmet, your hair doesn't matter any longer (unless, of course, you disable the helm option). But I think that what you choose for your hairstyle may just be one of the most telling picks for your character's visual customization.

Since many of us have remarkably dull hairdos, there's a temptation to go full-on exotic with the character creator. Maybe we want to just look cool, and pick whatever hits the spot in that regard. Maybe we want to be contrarian, and thus choose the most bizarre offering. Or maybe we want to express our emo, hipster, or middle-aged soccer mom sides with our hairstyles.

Personally, I go for ponytails on my female characters. I pick this solely because the devs usually have to animate the hair, and I like my hair to move and bounce around. So what about you? What hairstyle do you prefer?

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