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Dyad makes a break for Steam, targets March launch [Update: Dev video]


Dyad is coming to Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, developer Shawn McGrath confirms to Joystiq. Dyad was spotted on a list of new titles buried deep within the recesses of the Steam database, and it appears the secret is now out.

"This was a rather interesting thing that happened," McGrath says. "I didn't plan on announcing Dyad on Steam yet, but what can I do now?"

McGrath has been talking with Valve since March 2012 about getting Dyad on Steam, but nothing was certain until October. He hopes to have it out in March, "but who knows when it'll actually come out?" McGrath says. He'd like to launch Dyad on PC, Mac and Linux simultaneously, but it's possible the PC version will drop first.

The Steam version will be identical to 2012's PS3 iteration, since McGrath says he feels that one is complete. Dyad made a psychedelic splash on PSN last year and we summed up its experience in one phrase and a lot of stars: "Dyad is magic."

Update: The video embedded above is McGrath's official announcement, and we guarantee it's the best surprise-Steam-release film featuring a dude with a killer beard you'll see all day.

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