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Konami 'would consider' HD Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, MercurySteam has assets ready


Speaking to CVG, Konami UK studio head Dave Cox said "Absolutely, yeah, we would consider it" to the prospect of an HD version of Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, following its 3DS debut next month. "We want as many people to play it as possible. Obviously we have an exclusivity deal with Nintendo right now though and they've been very supportive of the product."

Cox is so open to the idea in part because it wouldn't be that difficult. "We created everything in high definition - all the textures, all the levels, high-poly models, everything - and we kind of shrunk it all down into the 3DS," he explained.

"Then we lost bones from characters, you know, we dropped the resolution of the textures and everything to make it fit. At MercurySteam we have an HD version of the game sitting there in a computer somewhere." If the 3DS version takes off at all, Konami will have it nearly readymade for an expanded audience.

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