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MoviePass app comes to Android with $30/mo theater access, caveats


For film buffs who prefer the really big-screen experience, MoviePass seems a no brainer -- pay around $30 per month and watch as many movies at the cinema as you want. Now Android users can get the same MoviePass app as their iOS-toting counterparts on Google Play, albeit with the same kickers: its still in beta and is invitation only. There are other constraints too, for now: you'll need a GPS-equipped smartphone, access is limited to one movie a day, the price goes up from $30 depending on your market and you'll have to pay with the included MoviePass card -- among others. Still, on top of access the app also lets you find showtimes, chart your movie-going, manage rewards, share socially and "even reserve a copy of the film and soundtrack you just saw," according to the outfit. Anything that encourages us to get out of the house occasionally has to be a good thing, considering all the tech keeping us there.

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