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Konami revenues, income down year-over-year, still profitable

Jordan Mallory

Konami has released its year-to-date financial information for the nine month period ending on December 31, 2012, and while the company has posted significant year-over-year losses, it is still reporting a profit in all areas.

So far, Konami has accrued revenues of ¥160.1 billion ($1.71 billion), down nearly 18 percent from the ¥194.5 billion it had earned by the end of calendar 2011. Likewise, net income (read: post-tax profit) was down 48 percent; ¥8.82 billion ($94.6 million) as compared with the ¥17 billion reported this time last year. Konami's "Digital Entertainment" division, responsible for all video games and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, brought in roughly half of the company's overall revenues with ¥80.5 billion ($861.1 million) reported.

Konami also produces a wide assortment of slot machines and pachinko games for western and Japanese markets: Its "Gaming & Systems" and "Pachinko & Pachinko Slot Machines" segments, respectively. While all of Konami's divisions suffered losses, its Pachinko division experienced the most severe year-over-year disparity, reporting a 77.8 percent decrease in revenue versus last year.

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