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Players look to crowdsourcing for EVE Online documentary


It's called A Tale of Internet Spaceships, and it's a movie that hasn't happened yet. A group of Swedish EVE Online players are turning to crowdsourcing in order to fund a documentary of their favorite online game, asking for a total of $6,000 through Indiegogo from fans.

If funded, A Tale of Internet Spaceships will be filmed at this spring's EVE Fanfest in Iceland.
Following the convention, the "full-length" documentary will be pieced together and finished by later this year.

"We'll be bringing our cameras to document the community in action: to capture the spirit of the game and to explore the sometimes complicated relationship between said community and CCP Games themselves," said project manager Petter Mårtensson. "We hope to find the answer to why the players love and live EVE Online in the way they do."

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