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Project Holodeck gets a virtual hands-on ahead of launch (video)


The team behind Project Holodeck has a daunting task ahead: it has to combine a virtual reality headset, two PlayStation Move controllers and a Razer Hydra into a unified VR input system that somehow feels natural. From what we've seen in Road To VR's hands-on with the system, the group might just pull that off. There's no mistaking the sheer amount of equipment strapped to your head -- not to mention the Lenovo laptop on your back -- but the effort does create an immersive virtualization of the player's body where walking, arm movements and body lean all work more or less as you'd expect. Although significant stretches of development lie ahead, including fully fleshed-out games and the eventual use of an Oculus Rift, there's already teases of potential commercialization and a second generation that would include lighter, sleeker components. Those curious enough to watch two grown men stage a living room swordfight (and provide insightful answers afterwards) can watch the battle after the break, and head to the source for more details.

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