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New Batman Arkham game coming this year


A new Batman Arkham game is being released this year, although it's unknown if series developer Rocksteady Studios is behind it. The news comes courtesy of the Time Warner Q4 2012 earnings call, as posted by Yahoo! Finance.

"And we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise," said John K. Martin, Time Warner chief financial officer and chief administrative officer.

Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Studios released Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009, followed by Arkham City in 2011. In that sense, a new Arkham game in 2013 adds up.

According to a Variety report from last year, Rocksteady is developing another Batman game, but it's set in the Silver Age of comic history, and isn't expected to be released until 2014. Maybe Variety and Warner are talking about the same game, but it sounds like they may not be. In any case, we've reached out to Warner Bros. Interactive for more info.

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