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Bump can now transfer files in both directions between iPhone and Mac

Bump, the app that began its life as a way to transfer business card type info between two iPhones by bumping them together, has taken another evolutionary step today by allowing you to transfer files between your Mac and iOS device and vice-versa. The app gained the ability to transfer photos and files from iPhone to Mac last year via a web interface, but now works in both directions.

In order to make it work, you must download the latest version of the free Bump app -- 3.5.6 -- from the App Store, then fire it up on your device and go to in your Mac's web browser. From there, you simply tap the spacebar with your phone and you'll get the option to send files to your iOS device. They can be photos, music, videos, whatever. As in previous versions, you can also select photos or other files within the Bump app on your device, then "bump" the spacebar to send them to your computer.

Basically, it's a quick form of two-way wireless syncing that's worked really well in our initial tests, and it's definitely made the Bump app itself more indispensable. This writer, for one, previously used it for sending photos and screenshots to his Mac, but can now see using it much more frequently.

[Via Gizmodo]

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