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Latest Injustice footage shows Joker, Flash, Shazam, whams, bams

Jordan Mallory

The next round of Injustice: Gods Among Us combat footage has been released into the wild, now that round 2 of NetherRealm Studio's ongoing character popularity contest has come to an end. The resulting bouts pit Joker against Lex Luthor (above) and Flash against Shazam (below), who up until the New 52 relaunch was known by his original, proper name, Captain Marvel.

As was the case with the last round of videos, very subtle similarities to Mortal Kombat are apparent to anyone looking for them: Captain Marvel Shazam's moves invoke a sense of Raiden, Joker's various gadgets remind of Cyrax/Sektor and Flash's kicks have a Kung Lao look to them.

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