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Breakfast Topic: Do you work hard to play the game 'right'?


Efficiency is a thing for me. Checking off lists, puttering about in the course of my characters' "business," following an orderly progression -- these are high points of the game for me. Downing big bads doesn't offer the thrill it used to anymore, and I can't seem to get in enough practice at PvP to feel like I'm much of a threat to anyone but the most casual players. But ticking my way along a reputation line or stacking up currency for the latest gear reward? So, so satisfying. (It's in my nature. Yep, I'm the one you'll find cleaning out closets and sorting out drawers when stress levels threaten to burst.)

That said, I'm not particular anymore about having the best or the most of anything. As Captain Mal might say, my days as a completionist have certainly come to a middle. I don't have to have it all -- only the parts that I enjoy the process of getting. I've given up on building the "correct" profile for each and every character or doing everything I do in game "right."

I'd probably be more concerned about doing things right if I were trying to push my way up the progression charts or amass an intimidating win-loss record in PvP. I'm not, though; I'm just checking out the content in raid instances and having fun messing with my enemies' heads in battlegrounds. I don't need to be "right" anymore -- but woe to anyone with that attitude who's nonetheless swimming in the deeper waters where the virtues of optimization hold sway. My rule: If you're going to play with the big dogs, you'd better know where to bite!

Do you spend a lot of time and effort optimizing your gameplay and making sure you're doing things "right"? Does that matter for your playstyle? Is it something you enjoy, or is optimization a necessary evil of getting to enjoy the parts of the game you like most?

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