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Apple supplier LG Display makes huge investment in OLED screens


Don't read anything into this, but Apple supplier LG Display is investing more than US$600 million to build a new production line to make organic LED (OLED) panels in South Korea.

Apple CEO Tim Cook panned the use of OLED displays at a Goldman Sachs investor meeting last week, noting that the color saturation of such displays is "awful." Cook was quoted as saying, "If you ever buy anything online and really want to know what he color is, as many people do, you should really think twice before you depend on the color from an OLED display."

Due to low production yields, the displays are also prohibitively expensive at this time. LG Electronics -- the parent company of LG Display -- came to market with an unbelievably thin 55-inch OLED TV (seen above) in January at a price of more than $10,000, or about two to three times the price of a similarly priced LCD TV.

So please don't jump to conclusions and think that Apple's going to be using OLED screens in some future product, especially an Apple HDTV. We'll leave those leaps of logic to the Wall Street analysts.

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