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Far Cry 3 getting Outpost reset option, new 'Master' difficulty


Ubisoft is taking a cue from Far Cry 3 fans, issuing a series of changes to both the single-player campaign and multiplayer mode. The most notable changes involve the ability to reset all outposts – allowing you to assault and capture each one again –and a new higher difficulty mode called Master.

On the multiplayer side, the additions focus on user-generated maps. Ubisoft promises a "more intuitive feedback interface" with the ability to add "feedback tags" to better parse custom maps. There will also be beta map testing available to editors, so they no longer need to create a map and simply publish it. Others who wish to help during beta testing of these maps can hop into a special playlist and test it out, and authors can go into a spectator mode to watch those playing.

Ubisoft promises a series of patches to add all of this stuff to Far Cry 3, so don't expect it all at once. The full list of changes is available through the source link below.

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