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16-year-old developers of Finish rack up 16K downloads

High school students Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen have to be pretty proud of themselves. The duo, based in Boulder, Colo., recently released their own iOS to-do app, called Finish, on the App Store -- our own Dave Caolo took a look at it last month -- and now reports that they've seen it downloaded more than 16,000 times. For a US$0.99 app from a couple of part-time developers, that's not shabby.

The two just had their story written up by The Denver Post, and as that article points out, Apple has actually taken an active interest in Finish and its young developers as of late, promoting the app on the App Store and talking to the public about its creators. Of course, not every small developer gets that kind of attention and it's easy for apps to get lost in the App Store (the Denver Post mentions that two-thirds move fewer than 1,000 copies in their first year) but it's heartening to see a couple of dedicated youths and Apple fans getting their time in the spotlight.

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