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Countdown to the PlayStation event: T-minus 6 hours


Sony's mysterious PlayStation event in New York City kicks off today at 6PM ET (3PM PT, 11PM Brit-time), and we're simply buzzing with excitement. Or coffee. Either way, our hands are shaking like mad.

We expect an event of this size and at this time means Sony will unveil its next PlayStation home console, but it could all just be a massive buildup to the announcement of the PSP Go 2 – point is, no one knows. Except Sony. We hope Sony knows.

We'll post the event's live stream at 5:30PM ET (2:30PM PT, 10:30PM Brit-time) right on the front page, and we'll of course have our standard liveblog straight from the show in NYC. To be sure you don't miss out on the fun, check your local converted time for 6PM ET right here, and stay tuned later today. We'll try to get the tremors down by then.

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