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Infinity update talks 2012 progress, Battlescape Kickstarter

Jef Reahard

The Infinity website has updated with a lengthy blog post detailing the state of the project. It also fleshes out some details on its upcoming crowdfunding drive. What's Infinity? It's a vast sci-fi sandbox with seamless planetary-to-space transitions and a persistent, procedurally generated universe, among other things.

The indie dev team has been working on the project for a number of years now, and it has managed to release a well-received tech demo and a rather spectacular atmospheric flight test. The lack of news updates throughout most of 2012 was apparently due to a substantial amount of work being done on under-the-hood quality and performance issues.

As for an Infinity Kickstarter, it's coming (but not before mid-2013). The preliminary details include a standalone called Infinity: Battlescape which is basically a successor to Infinity's 2007 combat prototype. The game will focus on multiplayer combat, it will feature the seamless planetary engine, and it will likely take place in a single solar system. While some in the Infinity community have expressed indifference with crowdfunding a game that isn't the full Infinity project, I-Novae Studios says that Battlescape is more like "a first step to the whole MMO that will be marketed independently even though it shares a lot of content and code."

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