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Quantic Dream's new PS4 engine debuted


During Sony's PlayStation 2013 event, Quantic Dream head David Cage showed off a tech demo of the developer's newest engine for the PlayStation 4. The demonstration showed an old man with wispy hair and impressive facial expressions. Cage praised the abilities of the PlayStation 4, saying, "We are now limited only by our imagination." As our own Ludwig Kietzmann notes, we'll probably hear that line again whenever the PlayStation 5 is announced.

The video hearkens back to Quantic Dream's emotionally charged "Kara" demo, which was showcased during GDC last year. At the time, when asked if games using the engine would look as good as the Kara demo, Cage responded that they would "look much better," and that Kara was running on the first version of the studio's latest tech. Presumably, today's demonstration is indicative of Quantic Dream's most recent progress. Even so, as impressive as today's demonstration was, we're not out of the uncanny valley just yet.

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