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Breakfast Topic: What do you think the WoW movie storyline will be?


I'm almost certain it won't involve pandas ... Well, that's my opinion at least. But what's yours? It seems to me that it's unlikely the movie will be able to encapsulate the entire of WoW history, given the sheer quantity of it that we have to play with. If it tried to do so, it'd be the longest film on record, for starters, and what's more, even at a Lord of the Rings level feature length, it'd still have to travel at remarkable speed and skip over a great deal of the lore.

So, my reckoning is that it'll have to take a certain chunk of WoW lore and focus on that. I suspect it'll be something that's already been written, as new invented lore that either takes place after the current story position or is tangential to it risks causing problems in future. I think it'd be really cool if, for example, the WoW film took a story that players had just a tiny taste of, like the story surrounding Theramore, and made it into a film. Yes, the book already exists, but I can't imagine that the numbers who have read it would equal the numbers who would watch the film.

What do you think? What do you suspect might be chosen for the film's storyline, and what do you fear? What would you love to see, and what would annoy you?

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