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Slaughter your frenemies on Facebook with Game of Thrones Ascent

If there's one problem with Facebook, it's that there isn't nearly enough backstabbing and politics. Game of Thrones Ascent aims to fix that appalling lack by bringing users into Westeros, where they can wage war alongside some of the most beloved and reviled characters from the popular book and TV series. Game of Thrones Ascent has just launched its Facebook open beta. All game content is currently open to players, and Disruptor Beam has plans for adding new and player-requested features as time goes on.

You'll have the opportunity to start and rule your own house, give your loyalty to one of the Great Houses from the series, stockpile resources, and jockey for position. There's room for cooperative and decidedly uncooperative maneuvers with other players. There's no word yet on whether or not House Targaryen players get a bonus for recruiting siblings.

Skip below the cut to check out the game's trailer.

[Source: Disruptor Beam press release]

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