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Google Maps API now open to all iOS developers

Back in December when Google launched its Google Maps app for iOS, it also quietly launched a Google maps SDK for iOS developers. The SDK allowed developers to do two things: first, they could embed Google Maps in their apps instead of Apple Maps, and second, they could specify in their apps if an address or directions should be opened in Apple Maps, or the Google Maps app. However, in order to access the SDK, iOS developers had to register their interest and wait in line to be approved, which led to a limited amount of third-party apps bringing Google maps back.

But that's all changed as of yesterday.

Google has now released version 1.1 of Google Maps SDK for iOS. Not only does the updated SDK include support for ground overlays, gesture control and geodesic polylines, it makes the Google Maps API immediately available to all developers that want it. Now a developer simply needs to grab their keys from the Google API Console.

With the release of Google Maps SDK for iOS version 1.1 users can expect to see a quick uptick in the number of iOS apps that are using Google Maps again.

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