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Breakfast Topic: When was the last time WoW made you laugh out loud?


I clearly remember the last time WoW made me laugh out loud. It was shortly after I decided that despite enjoying my dwarf priest, I needed to see what the Mists zones were like on the Horde side. I'd been grimly ramming my way through the introductory experience as an undead shadow priest, with one eye on dinner simmering on the stove. Run to location. Click. Target. Kill. Run back. Complete rote gameplay. Complete emotional detachment.

Finally, after what seemed like yet another routine quest boss kill in yet another routine cave, I read the words that jolted me out of my fugue: "The Alliance have been routed. You, Nazgrim, Kiryn, Gorrok, Shokia, and Rivett need a base of operations. These flags will have to be changed. For the Horde!"

I burst into gleeful cackling -- for the Horde, indeed. "Check me out! I get to turn the flag!" I chortled. (Nobody was paying the slightest attention; my family was all absorbed in their own tasks, counting the minutes until dinner. I didn't care.) I felt like I had just manhandled a battleground into this PvE zone. I felt like I was making a lasting, concrete change to the world. I felt like a hero.

The last time you laughed out loud at something in the game was more likely inspired by humor -- Mists has certainly given us plenty of those! When was the last time WoW made you laugh out loud? Was it over something that struck your funnybone, or (like me) was it a outburst of sheer delight?

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