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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup isn't ready for the PS4


It was inevitable that at least one webcomic featured this week would be about the PlayStation 4. It's great to have new hardware to be excited about. Still, something isn't sitting right, and it's the idea of actually buying a new console to replace my Xbox 360 and PS3. There's a part of me that certainly wants the shiny new toy, but I'm quite satisfied with the media offerings my Xbox provides that I can't fathom getting new hardware.

Share your thoughts in the comments below, responding to this week's question: Are you ready for a new next-gen console? While contemplating that, check out last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break!

Two can play (Safely Endangered)
Easiest path (Magical Game Time)
Hitting the Links (Brawl in the Family)
Augurism (Penny Arcade)
It is Unavoidable (Virtual Shackles)


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