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Tomorrow's EverQuest II update brings three new raids, guild achievements


The folks behind EverQuest II took to Twitter today to reveal more details about tomorrow's big update. Raiders had better polish their gear because the update will be bringing three new raids to the table. Two X2 raids will take place in Wurmbone's End and are referred to collectively as Nox Incessit, and one is tuned to be on the easier end of the scale whereas the other is intended to be a real challenge. An X4 raid will take place on the Dreadcutter and the devs stress that it is a hard mode raid in which "the final boss is designed to be the most difficult encounter in [the] game!"

Guilds will also have a lot to work toward, as the update is adding over 150 guild achievements that cover content from all of EQ2's expansions. The devs state that every guild will start with a "clean slate," meaning that achievements will not be rewarded retroactively. This first set of achievements is raid-based, and for a guild to earn one of these achievements, at least two-thirds of the raid group must belong to the same guild, so it's time to rally your friends and go for glory, honor, and of course, precious intangible internet points. Remember Norrathians, the update hits tomorrow, so head on over to the game's official site for all the details you need to be prepared.

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